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How Digital Compliant Is Your Baby?

“Hello Google…can I see pictures of chocolate ice cream”

Increasingly, our little ones are becoming more “techier” than us. They figure out how to use smart phones and tablets even before the registered owners, mum and dad. Time.com reported that more than a third of kids less than a year old have access to some sort of mobile device, a study revealed. Tablets are used in schools to deliver some lessons, so, you find that most kids upwards of three have one for their personal use at home.

The study’s findings showed that by the time kids turn two years old, they have used at least one mobile device. These findings were showcased at the annual meeting of The Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting.


Time.com reported the following data generated in relation to the study conducted:

Among the families, 97 percent had TVs, 83 percent had tablets, 77 percent owned smartphones, and 59 percent of the households had Internet connection at home.

With regards to the kids, 52 percent among those below a year old have viewed TV shows, 36 percent of the newborn population has gotten their hands on the TV screen, 24 percent of newborns have used mobile phones to make outgoing calls, 15 percent of infants have accessed apps, and 12 percent from the newborn population have played video games.

Kids grow fond of devices and gadgets as they age. In fact, 26 percent two-year-old kids and 38 percent four-year-old kids tinker with gadgets for a minimum of at least an hour everyday on an average, according to the said study.

Parents admitted that they allow kids to use gadgets and devices to keep the latter busy. The study revealed that 73 percent of the parents interviewed allowed kids to tinker with mobile gadgets while doing chores. Meanwhile, 60 percent allowed the children to use their gadgets while out getting errands done.

The reasons why kids get engrossed in technology? 65% of parents use it to calm their children. When their kids kick off, parents play their favorite nursery rhymes or cartoons to calm them. I have done this several times when I’m in a post office queue and my daughter who was one year old then starts crying. She stops when she hears the intro to “Micky Mouse Clubhouse”.

Another reason 29% parents stated was to give their kids a good night’s sleep. You will be amazed at the hours of “white noise” recording on YouTube that is proven to help babies sleep. I have been known to play Kenny G’s music on my phone to help my son go to sleep.

In 2013, Fisher-Price faced a lot of criticism for introducing “Ipad Baby Seat” into the market. Some believed it was not good for the baby’s development and it would encourage mothers to pay less attention to their little one (see inset).

Well, if you step into any toy store today, you will find isles and isles of smart toys.

One mum mentioned that when her five year old wants to find or know something, she just asks Google. At the end of each day, you would find about 30 or more windows opened of ice cream flavors and princess party make up.

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