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Making Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

Most of us view the new year as an opportunity for “do overs” in different areas of our lives. We make promises of achieving something or stopping a bad habit. Sound familiar?

How many of you have promised to drop 10 kg by starting a healthier diet or stop smoking or read more books this year? How many of you even remember making a resolution by the beginning of the second week of the year? Most

Without delay, let us get into the top new year’s resolutions tips to help you guarantee success this year. The first tip is critical to your success.

Be realistic: This is the thing that you absolutely must start out with. If you are not realistic about your new year’s resolution, you are setting yourself up for failure. For instance, if your new year’s resolution is to lose 50 kg in the next three months, that is a very big goal. An achievable goal would be 10 kg and then when you reach that goal, set another.

Create a plan: It’s not enough to make a new year’s resolution on New Year’s Eve and then wish for success in the new year. You should think your resolution through and create a plan of attack. In fact, the earlier you start that plan, the better.

Resolutions are projects whether small or big and ought to be treated as such. They must meet the SMART criteria if you want to meet that goal. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound.

Tell others about it: When you keep your resolution a secret, it is easy to just ignore it and not stick with it until you are successful. If you tell your friends and family members about it, they are not going to let you off the hook. They are going to ask about your progress and help motivate you to achieve your new year’s resolution.

Keep a journal to track your progress: When you write down your progress daily, it is easy to stay motivated. Sometimes you cannot see how much you have accomplished because you are weighing yourself daily or staring at that pile of bills, but by reviewing your achievement over time, you will stay motivated because those small accomplishments will begin to pile up.

Do it for 21 days straight: Habits are formed after 21 days, which means that you have a higher likelihood of achieving your resolution if you do something toward your resolution for at least 21 days. Per a recent survey that looked at how people were keeping new year’s resolutions; the following is a breakdown of how many resolutions are kept over time:

  • past the first week: 75%
  • past 2 weeks: 71%
  • after one month: 64%
  • after 6 months: 46%

As you can see, if you can keep it going for just 21 days, you will make it into that group of people who are sticking with their resolutions, while everyone else goes back to their same old self they have been wanting to change forever. Do NOT let that happen to you!

And if you do find yourself slipping up, take the next tip to heart.

Failure is Only Temporary: Expect and plan for setbacks. Sometimes when we’re trying to do something new or change something about ourselves, we have a setback. Do not let it de-motivate you or bring you down. Just charge ahead with that New Year’s Resolution and pursue that goal of yours until you are successful. You need to go easy on yourself and try not to beat yourself up over the slip ups along the way. Just get back on the “horse” and charge ahead toward achieving your goal.

Have Fun and Celebrate: Resolutions are supposed to be something that you WANT to do, not HAVE to do so have some fun with it to stay motivated and you will find yourself wanting to exercise, eat less, pay down bad debt or do whatever your resolution is. Celebrate by buying yourself something little that you have been wanting to buy or indulge in. For example, you can treat yourself to your favourite dessert if you have lost your first 5 kg (just don’t celebrate too much)!
The statistics say that only about 5 to 20 percent of us keep our new year’s resolutions (what number you believe depends on what source you look up).

Do not let the statistics stop you from pursuing a new year’s resolution this year. Following the tips stated above can help you fall into the 20 percent of people who achieve their new year’s resolutions! Just remember to make them SMART!

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