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Low Budget Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer

Having the kids at home during summer when the schools are closed can be a challenge. This article offers some low budget tips on keeping your kids entertained during their vacation time.

Suddenly having to deal with the kids 24/7 can lead some parents to exasperation. It can be incredibly tiring running around tidying up after them and keeping up with their energy. The alternative is full time child care for those few months, which some parents cannot afford. The kids also need to be entertained or occupied but holidays and summer camps are out of the picture. This time can be especially difficult for single working parents who don’t have much time or money.

This article offers some ways to help you keep your children entertained and looked after during this fun yet difficult time.

Try and use all resources available to you.

In the past families would live close to one another and there would usually be someone responsible and trustworthy around to help out when necessary. In this day and age it is not so much the norm but if you do have family nearby, especially grandparents, then they can be a big help. It is a great opportunity for grandparents and grandchildren to spend time together and they frequently enjoy each other’s company too. If the grandparents live some hours away, it is an opportunity for a holiday with grandpa and grandma.

Take advantage of invitations from other parents for play dates. Please, these are invitations from families you know and trust. Safety first!

Organise a babysitting co-op.

If you have close friends in your neighborhood why not get together and organise a way to share the babysitting load. Instead of having the kids all the time you can take turns so there will be much less work and plenty of days off. Also, the kids will have fun playing together.

For the days that you do have to entertain the kids make sure you are well prepared and have activities planned to keep the kids busy and happy. Doing a search online can turn up some good ideas and there are some great printables available to download for free.

Take them on a nature walk.

Give the kids a list of items to find on their walk, e.g. items with certain colours, different types of leaves or rocks (stones) etc. Depending on the age of your kids, try to be realistic about how much walking they will be happy to do. You do not want unhappy children at the end of all that fun! You could end the walk with a cone of ice cream while they talk about what they saw and collected.

Visit the beach.

A day at the beach could be fun for your kids and save you loads. Most beaches are free or you have to pay a low entrance fee for the well maintained ones. You could take your own food instead of buying expensive food from the restaurants. The kids could enjoy their time having a splash, horse riding, building sand castles and just having a good old time.

However, safety is key when taking kids to the beach. Make sure you setup near a life guard if you cannot swim. Take some shade for the kids like a hat or invest in a tent for the family to sit in when taking a break. Take some sunscreen to protect them from sunburn (Yes, black skin burns too).

Visit the museum.

Just like the beach, most museums have low entrance fees because they are usually managed by the government. Visiting museums can provide memorable and deep learning experiences for your kids. The visit will provoke their imagination and is an opportunity for quality time with family. Museums offer a dynamic opportunity to explore new things in a rich and educational environment.

Some museums offer short workshops/classes for the kids at a token price. To make the experience fun for them, relay the information of the exhibits in a way they can understand.

Who said learning can’t be fun?!

There are lots of fliers out there advertising affordable activities for kids this summer. Activities such as sewing, art and crafts, baking e.t.c. Collect a few and find out which ones your kids may be interested in and the logistics of dropping them off for the duration.

Have a fun summer!

Modified from http://EzineArticles.com/4762472
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