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On babies humbling mums since beginning of time!

mum and baby2I was in a hotel suite, on holiday, about to take a shower when my 4 month old started his “mummy, carry me” cry. My hubby and daughter had gone down for breakfast and I really didn’t feel like waiting for them. If this was at home, I would have put him in his bouncer and taken him to the bathroom with me, but, no bouncer.

As the quick thinking mama I am, I realised the crib we were provided with had wheels, all four of them, so I wheeled him to the generous sized bathroom suite so he wouldn’t be alone in the room.

You see, my son doesn’t cry, he screams, so the combo of baby in the bathroom and me showering was necessary to prevent other hotel guests from reporting us to management or coming to our door.

While taking my much desired shower, I thought it would be interesting to do a post on the unconventional methods/multitasking combos mums have adopted. Some mums were nice enough to share their experiences with us.

Using the loo while carrying my daughter. I confess I have done number one and number two many many times. You have to go when you have to go.

Isioma K

When my baby is napping and I’m in the shower, sometimes, I think I hear him crying, then rush through my shower, only to find him sleeping soundly.

Seun O

I rush my meals while standing, so I can attend to her quickly when she is crying and screaming her head off.

Toun A

I have twin boys, so as soon as they start napping, I rush through my chores for the day, and pray they don’t wake up before I’m done. I feel like I have won the jackpot, when I manage to squeeze in a bath.

Janet J

Breastfeeding while engaging in just about anything. A month ago I had to draw the line at breastfeeding while weaving his sister’s hair…It was not comfortable for any of us.

Gbemi O

Carrying my baby even when I’m sleeping. If he refuses to sit in his bouncing chair and my better half has left for work, I would have to carry him while bathing his older brother….we don’t want him to miss his school bus.

Funmi J

I make faces at him and do dances that no living soul must catch me doing,(else it’s Yaba left straight), just to keep him entertained, when cooking, or doing the laundry or…when I’m in the shower. 

Gbemi O

The point is, kids shake up the status quo. They have a major impact on our lives and routines. Priorities change and adjustments have to be made. Multitasking is key as a parent. My hubby and daughter have to manage the occasional concoction (my concoction is better than some fine dining, so don’t judge!).

Thank you ladies for sharing. Please post your unusual combos with us in the comment area.

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